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Endorsements from important Chinese Academics and Advisers

Dr. Pan Guang is China's most important academic authority on China/Jewish history and relations.( you can check him out at

"Your project is wonderful. I fully support you and hope you success!"
-Pan Guang

( Dr. Pan is Director of and Professor at the Shanghai Center for International Studies and Institute of European & Asian Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Director of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) Studies Center in Shanghai, Dean of Center of Jewish Studies Shanghai (CJSS) and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Middle East Studies. )

Professor Yue Yong is Vice President, Sichuan Int'l Studies University

Dear Yaakov,
Yes, of course I'll be in full support of your project "Project 3500" because your project will help two great nations to understand each other better and promote the relationship and friendship between us.
-Yue Yong,

Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) was founded in April 1950 under the guidance of Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Liu Bocheng and other proletarian revolutionaries of the Peoplefs Republic. It began as the Southwest Military and Political University of the People's Liberation Army. Today it aims at promoting cultural exchanges between China and other countries, and at building mutual understanding and friendship among peoples of the world.

Professor Yiyi Chen is the leading Biblical scholar in China, and recently, pioneered the field of Israel Studies in Chinese universities.

"By combining world class cartooning with devotion towards Jewish culture and modern Israel, as well as the enthusiasm to compare these with Chinese culture, Yaakov will certainly achieve another remarkable milestone in his pursuits. The project has my full blessing!"
-Professor Yiyi Chen

Professor Yiyi Chen is Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Director of the Institute for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Peking University. The two Institutes Prof. Chen heads have significant influence on the government and media institutions dealing with foreign policy towards the Middle East in general, and Israel and Palestine in particular.

Professor Ma Xiaolin is Founder/Chairman of blshe.com, China's major blog hosting and social networking site.

Dear Yaakov

Your Dry Bones Project 3500 is a wonderful and great idea which can bridge the Jewish and Chinese civilizations over space and time. I am looking forward for its success.
Good luck.
马晓霖/Ma Xiaolin

Professor Ma Xiaolin is Director, Chinese Academy for Middle East Studies, Director, the China-Arab Friendship Association, Director,China Strategy Culture Promotion Association,Director,Asia-Africa Development & Exchange Society, Guest Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Former Senior Xinhua Correspondent in Kuwait,Palestine and Iraq

Professor Wang Hongxu of the Center of International Strategic Studies at the Central Party School run by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

Dear Yaakov,

This project is really exciting. I fully support you and hope you success!

Professor Wang Hongxu
Central Party School
Beijing, China

Julia Chen Marketing Director of Dun & Bradstreet China Shanghai

Dear Yaakov,
I really love the story of this Cartoon. And the topic of "z ...a journey through time" is very popular in China now. It's a really brilliant way to express different culture in common and in difference.
Shanghai, China